HDV™ V-Plow



HDV™ V-Plow


Increase productivity, stack snow higher and pierce through hardened, wet snow that has frozen with the SnowEx® HDV™ heavy duty V-plow. The hinge in the middle of the moldboard allows the blade to adjust to V, straight or scoop, giving it the ability to angle and better direct the snow. Featuring the Automatixx® attachment system, the SnowEx HDV V-plow is available in durable powder coated mild steel or rust resistant stainless steel and fits on most ¾ ton and 1 ton pickup trucks. The HDV is perfect for contractors maneuvering through tight spaces or experiencing heavy, drifting snow in St. Peters. Add the Scrape Maxx™ down force kit accessory for increased back dragging performance.


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Double-Acting Angle Cylinders

Durable double-acting angle cylinders push and pull the wings forward and back under the heaviest snow loads. They also can hold the wings firmly in place for optimum back dragging performance.

Snow Catcher

An integrated snow catcher helps keep snow from spilling over the top of the plow.

Adjustable Center Cutting Edge

Gap can be adjusted to help prevent snow from slipping between pivot edges.

Responsive Direct Lift

The direct lift system includes a massive cylinder that delivers a wide range of motion, impressive lifting power and high stacking performance.

Large 1-1/4 Center Pin

Center pin is robust, yet positioned to make the plow completely flat when in straight blade mode, enhancing snow rolling performance.

Easy Access Components Cover

Hydraulic components are protected with a durable poly cover that is easy to remove for quick maintenance access.

Hand-Held Controls

Choose between the POWER GRIP™ control with backlit buttons or the compact joystick control. Both feature power "on" and "float" LEDs and are FLEET FLEX system enabled.

FLEET FLEX Electrical System

The FLEET FLEX electrical system provides complete fleet interchangeability. Any SnowEx plow can be used on any truck.

Stand-Free Design

Because the blade is stable in the V position for either attaching or detaching, no stand is needed.

Self-Aligning Receiver Brackets

Receivers simplify attachment and are removable when not in use.

Automatixx® Attachment System

The Automatixx attachment system provides fast and easy snowplow hook-up that can all be handled from one side of the truck.

Flared Moldboard

Tall flared wings throw snow higher and farther to deliver exceptional snow clearing results.

Trip-Edge Protection

Independent trip edge protects the plow, truck and operator when encountering obstacles, and functions in any position (scoop, V, angle or straight). Because only the edge trips, snow loads are never lost.


Available in both LED and Dual Halogen models, STORM SEEKER™ headlamps are engineered and tested for maximum light output, performance and durability to keep you ahead of the storm.


The SECURITY GUARD anti-theft system electronically secures your plow from unauthorized use when detached from the truck.

Pre-Punched Blades for Accessories

The blade is pre-punched for easy installation of accessories, providing a custom fit. The pre-punched holes also prevent damage to the powder coat that can sometimes occur when installing an accessory.


View Metric View Standard
8.6 HDV 9.6 HDV
Blade Width 8' 6" 259.1 cm 9' 6" 289.6 cm
Blade Height 31" at hinge/38" at end 78.7 cm at hinge/96.5 cm at end 31" at hinge/39" at end 78.7 cm at hinge/99.1 cm at end
Angle Cylinders 1-3/4" x 11" 4.4 cm x 27.9 cm 1-3/4" x 11" 4.4 cm x 27.9 cm
Plowing Width (Straight) 102" - Straight - 112.5" w/Wings
92" - Vee - 115" w/Wings
86" - Scoop - 98" w/Wings
259 cm - Straight - 285.8 cm w/Wings
233.7 cm - Vee - 292.1 cm w/Wings
218.4 cm - Scoop - 249 cm w/Wings
114" - Straight - 124.5" w/Wings
103" - Vee - 126" w/Wings
98" - Scoop - 110" w/Wings
289.5 cm - Straight - 316.2 cm w/Wings
261.6 cm - Vee - 320 cm w/Wings
249 cm - Scoop - 279.4 cm w/Wings
Plowing Width (Full Angle) 90"
115" w/Wings
228.6 cm
292.1 cm w/Wings
118" w/Wings
262.1 cm
299.7 cm w/Wings
Approx. Weight (less mount) 950 lb 431 kg 1,020 lb 463 kg
Cutting Edge 3/8" 0.953 cm 1/2" 1.3 cm


8.6 HDV 9.6 HDV
Blade/Wing Thickness 16 ga 16 ga 16 ga 16 ga
Reinforcement Ribs 6 vertical / 1 angle 6 vertical / 1 angle 6 vertical / 1 angle 6 vertical / 1 angle
Trip Springs 4 steel 4 steel 4 steel 4 steel
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